Wreck Removal


Whenever the industry has a need for wreck removal, they turn to Ardent and our reputation for integrity, innovation and effectiveness.

We work closely with the world’s marine insurance market to ensure we deliver the solutions the shipping industry and the world’s governments demand, both today and tomorrow.


We remove wrecks from anywhere – safely clearing obstacles from shipping lanes, harbours, reefs and beaches. Our specialist partners work with us to contain, clean and remove hydrocarbons and any other pollutants – helping protect sensitive marine and coastal environments.

With our global network of expert partners, and a commitment to transparency, efficiency and social and environmental responsibility, Ardent is the natural choice for every wreck removal, oil recovery and site clearance project.

The raising of the Costa Concordia was an excellent example of our approach. It was a mixture of proven techniques and new solutions, of smart thinking and creative engineering. And though not all our work is as public, we always welcome public scrutiny. We’re proud of what we do – and proud of the results we achieve for our stakeholders.

For more information please contact us at projects@ardentglobal.com.