Global Preparedness Cover

Global Preparedness Cover

Taking a proactive approach and being prepared for a casualty situation is now a priority. Increasing ship sizes presents a new and uncertain risk to the industry.

Increased risk and concerns over safety and new challenges to salvage situations all make being proactive a must. With capacities greatly increasing and insured values rising, it is vital to get ahead of the curve and prepare for an incident.

Framework for Loss Mitigation

Ardent’s Global Preparedness Cover is the solution needed to mitigate the impact of a marine incident. Pro-actively partnering with Ardent through Global Preparedness Cover will create clarity in the services we provide. It allows for an instant quality emergency response which will result in a much shorter operation.

The Global Preparedness Cover partnership is based around a non-exclusive, non-retainer global salvor agreement that keeps you in control. Your benefits include enhanced corporate and social responsibility, reduced risk portfolio and an additional insurance safety net.

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