Ardent OPA-90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting

Ardent is a leading responder for OPA-90 (Oil Pollution Act of 1990) Salvage and Marine Firefighting Services (SMFF) within US waters. It ensures total and continuous coverage around the coast of the continental and non-continental United States, specifically throughout all 41 captain of the port zones.

Our exclusive OPA-90 network brings together the leading experts in emergency response and marine firefighting: Ardent, Crowley Maritime, Industrial Emergency Services LLC, McAllister Towing and Marine Pollution Control. Together, we provide unrivalled OPA-90 SMFF services.

Easy to work with.

Our experience means we can work with every sort of vessel – and we are setup to minimize the administrative burden on you. We pride ourselves on being professional, polite and easy to work with in any situation.

We will assist you in getting your fleet in compliance by working with your qualified individual and the US Coast Guard to ensure your service is uninterrupted. Our OPA-90- funding agreement is approved by the International Group of P&I Clubs. It guarantees emergency response within the all COTP zones while remaining flexible in its terms.

For more information please contact us at opa90@ardentglobal.com.

Link to Vessel Response Plan Requirement

Link to SMFF Requirement

Link to our OPA-90 SMFF Partners

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