Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our prime business objective is to protect our clients’ property and reputation. But when we go to work at sea; safety, quality and the protection of the environment are always our primary concerns.

Safety first. All the time

The marine environment rarely gives anyone a second chance. So we need to get our job done safe and right first time, every time. And because we operate globally, we know we have to be ready for anything.

Our employees are well trained, cautious and experienced in identifying risks and implementing safe procedures. We use what “applied ingenuity” – the ability to adapt to changing conditions to stay safe, effective and always in control.

A world of knowledge

As a global operator, we know every location has unique risks and opportunities. We work closely with local partners to ensure their safety standards are compatible with our expectations.

The forefront of environmental responsibility

We are always aware of the potential impact a casualty can have on the environment. We understand the responsibility of reducing that impact. Whether it be by preventing waste, containing pollutants and reusing or recycling materials; we make every effort to ensure everything we do is both sustainable and responsible. We have the capabilities and experience of preventing harmful pollutants from spilling into the environment, backed up by our decades long track record.

For more information about our HSEQ systems and processes please contact us at response@ardentglobal.com.


Ardent is a Lloyds Register recognized ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified company.



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