Oil Spill Response in Singapore

Oil Spill Response in Singapore

First month in 2017, two cases completed

Ardent has an Oil Spill Standby Contract in place with the Singaporean Maritime Port Authority. During January this year we have provided oil spill response services for two separate collision cases for the Singaporean Maritime Port Authority.

During both cases we responded with vessels to provide oil dispersant spraying services to prevent oil sheen from reaching the shore or other floating objects, oil boom deployment services to prevent sensitive areas to get contaminated, and more.

"Oil spills are not uncommon around some of the busiest ports in the world, and it is potentially devastating to operate without any oil spill plan," said Bas Michiels, Commercial Director of Ardent Asia-Pacific.

"We've worked with the Singaporean Government for years, and the good communications between us always helps reduce the risk of catastrophes," said Michiels.

Ardent is contracted by the Singaporean Maritime Port Authority for oil spill standby and response services.

Ardent Oil Spill Response crew members set up a containment boom to prevent adverse affects on the sensitive environment during one of the oil spill response cases for the Singaporean Maritime Port Authority.
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