Ardent’s Two-Pillar System

Ardent's Two-Pillar System

The Way Forward for Maritime/ Oil & Gas Services

HOUSTON, Texas (May 1, 2017) – With the announcement of a successful second year of operations, Ardent has further tailored its business model to increase it’s efficiency in serving both maritime and oil & gas sectors.

“We’ve already rolled out our two-pillar system, focusing on the efficiency of our Emergency Management and Projects pillars more than ever,” said Chief Executive Officer, Peter Pietka.

Oliver Timofei continues to serve as the Director of Emergency Management, while Jon Minshall has been newly appointed as the Director of Projects.

“The two pillars will hone down on its specialties. While EM staff will continue to uphold its quality of response and customer service, we have dedicated teams to projects tendering and project management. Salvage crews, and shore-side personnel can focus on their tract and decrease time spent switching gears between operations,” said Pietka.

Emergency Management consists of Emergency Preparedness (including OPA 90) and Response.

“This arrangement creates a lot of clarity for our products and helps us provide even better service as a first responder to emergencies,” said Timofei.

“Given the every changing market conditions within Emergency Management, we’ve focused on the angle of sustainability in this field and still being able to provide a high level global response solution. It is a must that we continue to build a company that reflects present market conditions and in turn has increased focus on its present portfolio of services,” said Timofei. “We continue to thrive for transparency whereby we’re open about how we can move ahead together and maintain our service quality.”

Projects consists of Wreck Removal, Decommissioning and Subsea Services.

Ardent’s projects teams are now arranged into semi-permanent cells that are involved from the planning, contract tendering, to the execution and demobilization phases. Under special circumstances, Projects teams (especially the Subsea Services teams) may also support Emergency Management operations.

“In today’s market being competitive and offering the best solution requires a tremendous amount of focus and continuous improvement. The new structure allows the EM and Projects team to have the necessary focus on their respective areas – for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.,” said Pietka.

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