Refloating the Shuya

Refloating the Shuya in Germany

CUXHAVEN, Germany (July 8, 2017) – General cargo vessel Shuya ran aground about 17 miles north of Cuxhaven, Germany on July 3rd. The vessel had about 40 tons of bunker fuel in its tanks and was loaded with 4,400 tons of salt.

A local tug company carried out multiple refloating attempts. The attempts were unsuccessful and further damaged the vessel’s mooring bollards, fairleads and starboard anchor.

After unsuccessful refloating attempts by a local tug company, Ardent salvage team carried out a detailed inspection, and were contracted with a Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contract on July 5th.

Ardent removed the entire 40 tons of fuel out of the vessel to a bunker barge on the early morning of July 6th.

Ardent’s warehouse in IJmuiden (the Netherlands) delivered equipment on the same day to install strong points for appropriate tug connection. A barge with an excavator was contracted via Bugsier Reederei and mobilized to site for lightering.

By July 7th, 770 tons of salt were lightered and moved for storage to Brunsbüttel. The strong points for tug connections were also installed on the aft and fore ship.

Ardent refloated the SHUYA with the noon high tide on Saturday July 8th.









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