Greenings Wreck Removal

Greenings Wreck Removal

South Africa

The Ardent-Subtech J.V. team is currently removing Greenings, a yacht that was beached between Cape Town and Cape Point, South Africa.

Greenings was a Clipper Race Yacht (CV24) that ran aground on Oct. 30 while participating in the Clipper Round the World Race.

A team mobilized and worked with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), and the race’s casualty management team to oversee the clean up operation and wreck removal.

Salvage crews erected a scaffolding tower to support the mast while cutting the vessel’s hull to airlift.

The wreck removal operations are currently ongoing while the Clipper Round the World Race continues.


Removal of the Greenings Clipper Yacht – the photo shows the operation to cut up the forward section of the hull.
The Ardent-Subtech J.V. are currently removing the Greenings, what was beached between Cape Town and Cape Point in November.
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