Ardent awarded Environmental Protection Award by Salvage & Wreck

LONDON, United Kingdom (Dec. 13, 2018) — Ardent awarded Environmental Protection Award by Salvage & Wreck

Ardent has gained recognition for its environmentally-conscious fuel removal from a wreck in Newfoundland.

Senior Project Manager Gordon Amos and Director of Emergency Management Oliver Timofei received the Salvage & Wreck Environmental Protection Award on behalf of Ardent.

The award was in regards to Ardent’s work in removing fuel from the wreck of the Manolis L.

Manolis L was hauling newsprint bound for Quebec in 1985 when it ran aground on Blow Hard Rock and sank approximately 70 meters. Along with her cargo, Manolis L was carrying over 500 tons of fuel.

After going 28 years without any signs of leakage or pollution, reports of oil seeping from Manolis L and affecting the wildlife in the area began to emerge in the wake of an intense storm system that had recently passed through the area.

After extensive assessments and surveys, Ardent was awarded a contract in 2018 by the Canadian Coast Guard to remove any remaining oil from Manolis L.

Work on fuel removal began in August and successfully concluded one month later. Ardent employed their dedicated oil removal system to recover bulk oil from the Manolis L wreck. Access to Manolis L’s tanks was made possible by the PEER hot-tap system which was designed, engineered & developed by Ardent.

"We're very happy with the outcome, and we're confident that the risk of a significant release of pollution from the Manolis L has been eliminated," said Anne Miller, a member of the Canadian Coast Guard who oversaw the operation.

Ardent is driven to carry out any and all operations it undertakes with the utmost care toward our environment. We take pride in putting our commitment to cleaner oceans into practice.

Heat Exchange Operating- Manolis L
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