Emergency Management

With today’s ever bigger container vessels and cruise ships, marine incidents are becoming more complex – and the stakes are higher than ever. Preparing for incidents before they happen isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity.


Whenever, wherever and however the industry needs us, we’re ready. We have the experienced professionals needed to respond to an emergency situation in all corners of the world. From New Zealand to Korea, from South America to Alaska – and everywhere in between.

We were the first company to combine traditional salvage with proactive preparedness services. And as a result, we have helped better prepare our clients and ourselves be in position to mitigate the impact of a marine casualty.


Ardent’s Emergency Response teams are among the most experienced in the world. From groundings and collisions to fires and more complex issues. We have dealt with all vessel types, all cargoes, in all situations, anywhere in the world.


For more than a decade, Ardent has worked to prevent, prepare for and reduce the impact of marine incidents.

Our Preparedness department offers a number of complimentary services:


Training designed to prepare both offshore and shore side marine professionals in how to deal with the complexities associated with a marine casualty. Topics include operations, media handling, and contractual issues among other topics.


We work with governments around the world to guarantee speedy and effective response to incidents within their waters.


We offer dedicated service and support for demanding, specialist sectors like LNG, wind energy, Arctic operations and offshore installations.


We work with a variety of shipping, cruise and oil & gas companies to ensure they are fully compliant with regulations – and that we are familiar with their routes, systems, vessels and procedures.

Global Preparedness Cover (GPC) allows for Ardent and the client to align procedures and be better prepared for an emergency. GPC minimizes loss of assets and environmental damage. It’s a simple way to minimize exposure to risk while boosting corporate and social responsibility credentials.

We also offer unmatched salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) coverage to ship operators calling US waters. Our strength is based off the expertise of the exclusive alliance made up of Crowley Maritime, Industrial Emergency Services, Marine Pollution Control, McAllister Towing, LLC and the experienced salvage professionals of Ardent. Whether it is in the Arctic waters of Alaska or the tropical climate of Florida; Ardent is ready to assist with decades of expertise and experience.

For more information please contact us at response@ardentglobal.com.