Ardent’s project services have a reputation for innovation and delivery that has made us a leader in the maritime industry.

Every wreck, every salvage and every decommissioning project is different. That means we have developed decades of skills, experience and innovation at sea. We can put it all to work on almost any project you need solving.

We can carry out all aspects of your project from surveys to removal and disposal. Our specialty is coordinating multiple activities towards a single goal – and we’re proud to offer it to clients around the world.


We have the experts and experience to clear wrecks and debris that are a hazard to navigation or endangering the marine environment.


Every oil and gas platform or facility – whether it is onshore or offshore – has a natural life cycle. And when that cycle ends, we can step in to return the site back to nature.


We provide a myriad of underwater services in support of our projects, with our own in-house experts and physical dive stations as well as an extensive partner network.

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