Ardent Subtech

Coverage throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

As part of its quest to create a truly global, truly comprehensive marine services network, Ardent has partnered with Subtech, Southern Africa’s leading diving and marine services company.

The new company – Ardent Subtech – adds the unparalleled local knowledge, extensive infrastructure and reputation of Subtech to the salvage, decommissioning and wreck removal expertise of Ardent.

A History of Successful Collaboration

It builds on the two companies’ successful track record of working together on projects including the removal of the MV SMART in Richard’s Bay and the emergency salvage of the Vestas Wind off the coast of Mauritius. Ardent Subtech delivers flexible and agile emergency response; expert management of wreck removal and decommissioning projects; and underwater services to the African continent.

Based in Cape Town, Ardent Subtech also has supporting locations in Namibia, Mozambique and Mauritius to assist ships owners, mariners, insurers and authorities throughout the challenging marine geographies of Sub Saharan Africa.

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