Every oil and gas platform or facility – whether it is onshore or offshore – has a natural life cycle. And when that cycle ends, we can step in to return the site back to nature.

Our decommissioning services are ready to handle this sensitive, delicate process safely, cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact.

Every installation and location is different. So we carry out detailed site surveys and conceptual engineering to determine the best way to dismantle and remove the installation for recycling or scrapping, containing and cleaning up hydrocarbon remains and any other HAZMAT.

Equipped for success

With bases around the world, we have the resources and the network of ships and equipment for any decommissioning project. Meaning we can find the best, most efficient way to handle your decommissioning project.

Decommissioning projects can take months or even years to complete. But no matter how complex or lengthy the task at hand, working with Ardent is your guarantee of safety, effectiveness and discretion. And that we’ll protect the environment, you and your reputation.

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