Salvage Academy

The Ardent Salvage Academy gives marine professionals the relevant training they need to be prepared for any type of marine incident.

Salvage Experience Masterclass

This two-day comprehensive course includes emergency response simulations, workshops around marine operations plus technical, legal and commercial contract workshops, and media response training.

Available in several locations around the world, the Salvage Experience Masterclass is a practical, high-quality training experience. It is suitable for ship owners and managers, marine lawyers, pilots, loss adjusters, surveyors, government representatives and other professionals.

Fundamentals of Marine Salvage

Two-day training in emergency response for Ship’s Masters, Chief Engineers and other senior personnel. The first day is a theory class, while the second takes place at our simulator in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where participants learn how to deal with fires, groundings, drifting and more.

Damage Control Kit Training

Training on how to use a damage control kit during emergency situations such as fire or water ingress in a safe environment. Currently offered in Brazil and the US.

Tailored to Your Needs

We are happy to create courses tailored to your precise needs, wherever you need us. Contact us at to discuss how we can help your people get ready for anything.


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